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Mr. Hari Supriyono - CLASSY NetRadio Indonesia

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Hi! Welcome to GNTR Cloud.

We are an internet radio consultant based in Indonesia since 2019

More About Us.

GNTR Cloud has a cloud to store songs, organize playlists, process audio and broadcast them over the internet. We offer radio branding services like logo design, company profile, social media content and imaging radio production. We can also prepare a web and mobile radio player app for your listeners. We do all that professionally at affordable prices.

Need Radio Server?

Need a great reliable radio server? We provide it here. Powerful icecast server from Singapore. Unlimited bitrate, free web player & HTTPS support. Starting at IDR50K per month.

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What we do.

Radio Cloud Management Service

Consultation: Free for New Customers
Installation: Contact Us

Radio Server Provider

Icecast SGP: Start from IDR50K/month
Cloud Processors: Contact Us

Radio Branding Service

Logo: Start from IDR1M
Company Profile: Start from IDR1M
Social Media Content: Start from IDR1M/month
Radio Imaging: Contact Us

Web & Mobile App Developer

Radio Web: Start from IDR2M
Free 1y Domain & Hosting
Android App: Start from IDR1M
iOS App: Start from IDR3M
Renewal: IDR1,5M/Years

Listen to our radio.

Radio Gentara

Desc: Dangdutnya Indonesia
Location: Surabaya, East Java
Website: radiogentara.com


Desc: Your All Time Favorites 24/7
Location: Surabaya, East Java
Website: classynetradio.com

Radio Cahaya

Desc: Inspirasi Muslim Indonesia
Location: Surabaya, East Java
Website: radiocahaya.com

Utaindo Radio

Desc: Best Utaite Covers 24/7
Location: -
Website: utaindoradio.com

Dailymate Radio

Desc: Music for Your Daily Mood Booster
Location: Jakarta
Website: dailymate.net

Telkom Radio

Desc: The Best Digital Campus Radio
Location: Bandung, West Java
Website: telkomradio.id

Dista FM Radio

Desc: Your Edutainment Station
Location: Solo, Central Java
Website: distafm.com

Radio Swara Bengawan

Desc: Jendela Budaya Jawa Tengah Jawa Timur
Location: Wonogiri, Central Java
Website: swarabengawan.com
Streaming: Off


Desc: -
Location: -
Website: -

Radio Patria

Desc: Music & Varieties
Location: Blitar, East Java
Website: radiopatria.net

WOW Radio

Desc: Digital Media With Unlimited Possibilities
Location: Jakarta
Website: wowradio.id

Radio Elgangga

Desc: Radio Orang Bekasi
Location: Bekasi, West Java
Website: radioelgangga.com

Bogel Stream

Desc: Broadcast Stream from Semarang
Location: Semarang, Central Java
Website: classynetradio.com/bogel

Golden Classy

Desc: Music From Golden Years
Location: Surabaya, East Java
Website: golden.classynetradio.com


Desc: Radio Dewasa & Keluarga Modern
Location: Bandung, West Java
Website: mgtradio.com

Powerful servers at affordable prices.

Icecast SGP (Basic)

Listener: 100
Bitrate: 8-320Kbps
Auto DJ: No
Web Player: Azura Public
Price: 50K/Month

Icecast SGP (Standard)

Listener: 200
Bitrate: 8-320Kbps
Auto DJ: No
Web Player: Azura Public
Price: 100K/Month

Icecast SGP (Pro)

Listener: 300
Bitrate: 8-320Kbps
Auto DJ: 8GB
Web Player: GNTR Basic
Price: 2,5M/Years

Icecast SGP (Business)

Listener: 500
Bitrate: 8-320Kbps
Auto DJ: 16GB
Web Player: GNTR Basic
Price: 3,5M/Years

Icecast SGP (+ Cloud Processors)

Listener: 1000
Bitrate: 8-320Kbps
Auto DJ: 32GB
Web Player: GNTR Pro
Price: Contact Us

Get In Touch With Us.

Where to Find Us

PT Gentara Digital Nusantara
Jl. Raya Pracimantoro-Wonogiri, Pracimantoro
Kab. Wonogiri, Jawa Tengah 57664

[email protected] +62 877-2750-0160